Hello world!

November 8, 2006

Dinner with a friend.
I met with a friend I had not been in touch with for years.
We went out to dinner.
We covered a whole range of subjects during our dinner conversation.
The last subject we discussed was Religion.
I am one religion and he believes in some thing different.
I felt a strong sense that this dinner was no longer a unexpected surprise but in fact, it was a planned engagement on his part.
He seemed preoccupied with guilt and finger pointing at the modern world and other religions for all the worlds ills.
I just listened. I find that when you let someone speak what is on their mind fully, you have a much better grasp on where they are at in their thinking. You can sometimes can even deduce their reasons for having that opinion in the first place.
He seemed to be fixated on religion so I assumed his motive for that evening was to probe and find out my beliefs.
I decided I better play my cards close because of they way he was speaking about various religious driven atrocities.
Instead I asked him about his beliefs. His posture sprang to attention. He seemed almost giddy.
He began to go into the power of the human mind and how much potential we all have. He spoke about how modern science keeps us “caged”. and how he has really learned a lot about himself and how much he has changed. He read an eye opening book and wanted me to read it. He……………..(by this point I felt the hairs on my neck climb up)……..wanted to know what I knew about Scientology.
‘oh my, what on earth has this poor boy been up to since I had seen him last,’ I thought. I answered “not much,” because I wanted to know where this was going and how far he had been drawn in. He spoke about the bad press that “the church” has received and told me that Xenu is a made up story fabricated by critics to stop people from joining. I knew what he was taking about. I am familiar with Scientologist, I grew up in a isolated town in the desert that was a hot bed for fanatical religious groups. I let him continue. I discovered he was not IN yet. He had only been romancing the idea so far. I made a huge mistake at dinner I decided to debate him without having my facts with me. I brought up Xenu again. I said ” this IS a made up story fabricated by Hubbard, the same man who wrote that book you were talking about.” “‘Xenu’ exists in the place of the devil, “body Thetens” exists in the place of sins and “you”rself exists in the place of God.” It is the formula for a religion TA-DA! A man created a religion and not even a very probable one at that. I asked him what about scientology appealed to him. He became familiar with it through a friend he met in Narcanon. He really seemed to like the mental discipline of it. He assured me that it was not a religion but an applied science to use in life. I went back to Xenu. He didn’t seem interested in that part because it was a “lie”. He wanted me to have some lunch sometime and he would bring his book and we could look into it together, I could even take a free IQ test and actually see “facts” of how my brain is effecting my body and emotions. He seemed to be too timid to go about this on his own. We used to date once but ended it when I moved away. I was in love with him once so I felt that I at least owe him my time and my heart to make sure he doesn’t make a decision that could wreck his future. I said that I would have lunch with him and we would see from there. That night I came home and with all the anger I could muster in my fingertips I attacked the internet like riding a storm. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIM WHILE HE WAS VUNERABLE AND TRYING TO GET OFF DRUGS. Then I discovered NARCANON IS PART OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!! THOSE SNEAKY BASTARDS!! more, more, I want to know more….Operation Clambake: The truth behind Scientology…WHAM!!!!! Like a plank across my face…THERE IT IS. All uncovered all NAKED TRUTH. I bookmarked the page and went to bed determined to read the entire website as well as links to other websites. I woke up and dug in. I took a break to write the websites creator and thank him. Then it was back to the grindstone. It took me four days to get through it all. I watched many hours of footage on XenuTv. I went to the church of scientology’s websites and read it as well. NOW. I wondered what happened to all the people I read about and had become so concerned for via the net, because they all seemed to disappear without a trace. FIRST THINGS FIRST my lunch went well. I convinced him to have Subway in the park with me and we spoke more about his reasons for considering scientology, we spoke about his addiction, loneliness, and his need to have some control over his life. I pulled out the guns copies of court cases, testimonials, web addresses, self hypnotization, past life regression, body aliens, Xenu, the bridge, and money. I think it was his pride that was the hardest to battle. He just took so long to see that someone/HIS FRIENDS had conned him. He wouldn’t admit it to me and I have not heard from him since but he just wanted to believe them I think. I am glad he asked me to dinner. I was angry that I lost the debate at dinner and he felt he had something sound. I was happy to find clambake, and proud that I didn’t let him go without a fight. If he stays in he will be given the same lies as others but he will have the memory of me telling him it is not true and hopefully he will wake himself up and reject it.